2 Call of Duty 4 Game Servers


1 Call of Duty 5 Game Server


We're hosting 1 Call of Duty 4 Ranked Server, 1 Call of Duty 4 Modded Server, Running Custom Maps Only and 1 Call of Duty 5 World at War Ranked Server For Your Gaming Fun.......     Only 12 slots on each server and they fill up fast.......    In game chat is enabled.......  Or join us on our Teamspeak server at  No password required .......     Please help keep these servers up and running with a small donation of a couple bucks........  No amount is to small.......  Click below or go to and click on the donate button.......  You'll be glad you did.......     Click on the GameTracker icon above to check your stats........     Please add us to your favorites......     We're running over 20 custom maps on our modded COD4 server, join us for something different!!!!!

Help keep our Call of Duty game servers up and running  with a small donation.

No amount is too small.

  Thank You!

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